Seminar “Increasing convicts’ motivation of self-correction”

    In the seminar “Increasing convicts’ motivation of self-correction”, worked out by G.V. Stroeva, there are presented some key characteristics of convicted persons, which can be changed to the better by convicts themselves. Besides, some matters of construction of educative lessons with imprisoned persons and negative influence of criminally infected environment of correctional institution (CI) upon those ones who work with convicts are considered in the seminar.

    General conception of the seminar is such as to show some basics of self-correction of adult convict that shouldn’t be ignored for it makes impossible to organize rather effective correctional process in CI as well as to help wrongdoers to return to valuable pro-social1 lifestyle.

   The seminar is practically oriented, it may be conducted individually, by remote technologies, and the subjects of correctional process can attend it at any convenient for them time and speed. At the same time constant control of acceptable learning level and accuracy of required skills forming as well as necessary correction may be carried at all stages of the seminar.

    Many persons, working with convicts, have completed the seminar “Increasing convicts’ motivation of self-correction”.

    Quotations of their opinions tell by themselves:

– «I consider these studies have changed me; I have begun to look at convicts, at staffers quite differently. I have remembered profoundly such topic as “Key characteristics of convicts”… it impressed me greatly, and as manager I think it should be in permanent work… “Professional deformation” is very important topic. Earlier, during school years, we paid little attention on it, but now I have realized that it is very important to prevent deformation, and it means qualification level of teachers should be regularly raised… If teacher could be improved at least within the framework of educational institution, the level of deformation would be remarkably lower… Thank you very much for your laborious activities» /Manager of night shift branch of state institution of general education in Russian Federation/;

– «To me, these studies look like discovery the new world in psychology for I use the skills when I work with groups psychologically. Finally, you have taught us the skills we can communicate in society and attain successes… Thank you very much, I want to say it is just YOU who have played main role in my success since. If I were such person as now ten years before and did then all I intended to do, all would run quite differently. Well, better late than never. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!» /Main psychologist and consultant of criminal executive institution in Republic of Armenia/;

– «…described approach to correction of convicts makes understanding of technology of which way a person may be corrected by providing him to learn the moral principles accepted in society and by making accent on positive personal characteristics, which are basis of anyone. Person stops any bent to attract the attention of society to him by committing a crime. All attention to him may be made for his ability to bring usefulness. Such his realization of himself just would mean that he has been rehabilitated and has got self-respect, while whole penitentiary system is aimed on these goals… These studies also make better understanding own responsibility and role in society» /Manager of public organization in Ukraine/.

    In whole, participants of the seminar “Increasing convicts’ motivation of self-correction” evaluate its contends rather high:

– «In my opinion, all contends of the seminar “Increasing convicts’ motivation of self-correction” gives primary knowledge and form a number of basic skills to communicate with imprisoned persons on more human basis»;

– «As result of these studies I have seen more organized approach to transfer the idea of rehabilitation to staffers and convicts themselves»;

– «During these studies I discovered a lot of new for myself… I have got working tools to feel myself in comfort condition. I have been changed myself, I have come to better understanding of staffers and convicts»;

– «To ay the truth, early I have not thought profoundly about many things… but now my views have been rather changed, and all because of you. Now I can see lots of things I never noticed before… That’s why I consider my cooperation with you as great honor for me and I thank my fate for I have met you!»

The seminar “Increasing convicts’ motivation of self-correction” may be given only via Internet.

Any person engaged in the work with convicts may join the seminar “Increasing convicts’ motivation of self-correction”.



1.Pro-social: something defined by positive, constructive, socially useful behavior.