Galina Stroeva

   Galina Vladimirovna Stroeva is competent expert of Criminon1  and also she is Doctor of pedagogical sciences and corresponding member of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences. Earlier she was important staff member of Scientific-research Institute of criminal executive system of Russian Federation.

    She is specialized in area of correctional pedagogic. Her scientific interests sphere is such as following: social rehabilitation of convicts, convicts self-correction as important resource to increase the efficiency of criminal executive system activity, methodology of adult convicts self-correction.

    Since 1996 she works with staff members of correctional institutions as well as with volunteers and she helps them to establish more precisely regarding methodology their relations with convicts.

     In the same time she does a lot of work on public basis in such areas as competence of population to be raised and ethical enlightening to be done.

     Being responsible as scientist, she always stays in touch with leading scientists of Russian Federation and another states in the world as well as with practical specialists in the real places. It makes her to have rather wide outlook regarding whole situation and to bring in effective recommendations regarding the process of correction/self-correction in specific places.

     Her elaborations are precise and claimed for they lead to successes in actions of staff members/hired workers of correctional institutions, school teachers providing general educations in correctional institutions, volunteers.



1.“Criminon” (this word means “no crime”) is non-profitable social organization which purpose is to help convicts and juvenile delinquents to be useful members of society again.